Welcome to Working From Home … And Living To Tell About It!

Today is the day! The podcast officially has launched!

Hello! My name is Marcel Brown. I am a Nationally Recognized technology expert known as The Most Trusted Name in Technology. Besides my 25 years of technology industry experience, I have also run my own business full-time for over 18 years and for all of those 18 years I have been working from home.

Working From Home … And Living To Tell About It! is dedicated to helping people who work from home and are thinking about working from home get the most of of this flexible work arrangement. As so many people in early 2020 have suddenly been thrust into working from home, this is the perfect time to lend my over 18 years of experience to form a community around those of us who live and work from our homes, blending family life with work life and all the challenges that come along with it.

I want to thank everyone involved in helping me start this podcast. Turnkey Podcast Productions gave me everything I needed to fast track launching a podcast and I’ve become part of a much larger podcasting community that has supported me during the launch process. I especially want to thank Jennie Bellinger, host of her own podcast, Badass Direct Sales Mastery, for setting the example in launching her own successful podcast and inspiring me to follow in her footsteps … because it is really easy to do when people like us work from home together!